QPulse, the next-generation of acute and chronic pain relief


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An important business meeting and cooperation between QPulse Company and Physioquanta company in France and Switzerland.


1/5th of the population of North America suffers from chronic pain. QPulse will relieve acute and chronic pain.

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QPulse, the next-generation of acute and chronic pain relief . Hospitals and Health Care . Toronto, Ontario


At QPulse, we believe that technology can empower people living with chronic pain.

We seek to understand and respond to the challenges of the chronic pain community with innovative solutions and by investing in chronic pain research.

We believe that neurotechnology can be part of the solution to the chronic pain crisis by providing safe pain relief.

Building on years of experience developing medical technology used in doctor’s offices, QPulse integrates neurostimulation and digital medicine to address chronic pain.

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Dr. Oro has received his medical degree about 20 years ago. After three years of practice experience, He opened his own beauty clinic located in ...

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I am a master of private law,and legal consultant of Qpulse Company. Before being acquainted with QPulse Company, as a master of private ...

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When I was 18 years old I started my first part time work in our family business in tools chain store. Simultaneously, I continued ...

Qpulse innovation idea

QPulse, is a next-generation acute and chronic pain relief device. It applies established transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) methods & ergonomic sleeves to treat pain.

Our initial solutions target the back, knee and wrist - the 3 most common complaint areas for chronic pain.

This provides a unique therapeutic targeted frequency approach to immediately provide pain relief during each 1-hour session.

It is recommended to be used alongside professional therapy sessions such as chiropractic and physiotherapy and will be available for sale through these clinicians.
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